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Enagic has opened an office in Singapore in March 2012, and had its Grand Opening on May 15th, 2012.

How To Purchase

Note: You need to have a Sponsor or Person who Introduce to you to Buy the products.

Please use Sponsor/Distributor Name: Yeap Eit Keung ID#1058010 (See example here)

111 North Bridge Road
#25-04 Peninsula Plaza
Singapore 179098
Tel: (+65) 6720-7501
Fax: (+65) 6720-7505

Please download and fill in the application Form.

1 Singapore Application Form (new) - Fill in to buy the product. (No membership payment required)
2 Price List and commission
3 Supply Order Form ( For CATALOGUE, pH tester Kit, bottles)
4 Terms of Distributor Agreement
5 Delivery Order form
  Email Questions or request assistance from us - Contact us.



Video showing Grand Opening Night Dinner at the Ritz Carlton Hotel: 15th May 2012


Photos from The Singapore Office and Dinner