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Transcript of video of Dr Carpenter's experiences comparing Engic (Kangen) to other brands.


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dr dave carpenter

Transcript of Dr Dave Carpenter (above) who answered questions from the floor.



I guessed the question I’ve heard, the most it’ll last for few weeks. We got an unbelievable stories! We know the water works! Now there’s people, everybody how many has internet here? Anybody got internet?

There are gone to internet and they are finding units supposedly just like ours that is half the price; how we justify this Enagic unit is as good or better or how do we confront this question that we are face with and you know, we convince this water wonderful but what we do about the competition?

Dr. Dave Carpenter:-


It’s a good question, Joan and it is not necessary a quick answer I can give you but I can tell you my experience and what I’ve learned. I saw this technology not knowing the main brands, but I saw this technology several years ago. And when I came back home to the States, I bought a unit. I went out and I found the only unit I could find at that time and I bought it.

And I set it up and I started using it and I was sick to realize that  what it did compared to  what I had seen the other unit can do was night and day different.

And I did not know exactly how to test for everything what we talked about today, at that time but it didn’t take too long to start learning something . So I wrote it off as a waste of money and  as a learning experience and I had a few of those-  in business and with people and vehicles and  different things. So, it’s okay I made a mistake because the company wouldn’t take it back of course.  And I started looking for other machines and I found some other machines. And actually, a couple of years ago, I bought the machine that almost everybody who goes on the internet and is being told is bigger better and badder than ours, for half the money.

Let me tell you of my experience with that machine.

I brought a bunch of the water and I took it in the office and I started having patients to take the water.  I personally was taking the water. One of the things I’ve done for years and years is that I take green powders and green drinks to alkalize the body.  

And I have a lot of patients take them because it really helped them and we are getting a lot of concentrated vegetables in the body .  Well,  I put this green powder into the water, from this machine and shake it up, drink it and I put some of it into a litre bottle and set the rest on my desk and come back three to five minutes later and 90% of the green powder was on the bottom of the glass, on the container. So you shake it up again and you drink it down, and set it down and so it will go on until it was empty.

When I first saw an Enagic machine and I said I’ll try the water.  And I hadn’t had my greens for a while and so I grab the greens, put it in the water and shake it up, drink some of it, sat it down and listen to the speaker that was talking and I picked it up and there was no greens at the bottom of the bottle. I thought I picked up the wrong bottle actually. And I was looking around and it had my name on it - so that’s it.

So I did not have to shake it and drink it and wow, I can taste the difference. In fact, it tasted smoother and sweeter, ah,ah just fresher. The whole time I drank the first bottle, the greens did not end up in the bottom of the container.

And I knew then that there was something special about this water, and I continue to  listen to them. And you have to understand, when I was first introduced to this machine a year ago, the whole meeting was in Japanese and I was one of about a  handful of white people and trying to figure out what was going on.

And it was a little challenging, and they had somebody speaking in English once in a while trying to explain what was going on. And they call it interpreting but I’m pretty sure that’s not the true meaning of the interpreting.  And what happened is, I just had this impression that  there was  something really amazing about this water just from that.

So I bought a machine then.  I can tell you that the first ninety days I kept both machine on the counter and I played with both water cause I really wanted to understand this.

pH Testing of the Waters from Both Machines

And the competitor machine - what I noticed was I would make  the water and let it sit there in a gallon jug and I let it sit there for a day and then I will test test the pH. And the pH of the competitor’s machine was back down to 7, and ours is still 9.5. And well wow,that’s interesting.

And of course the micro clustering  aspect was just not happening. Its micro clustering  that cause the greens to fully absorb into the water and stay and suspension.

Anti oxidation and ORP Testing Experience

But the other thing I wanted to know is the antioxidant because they claim that   theirs is extremely good and so I put the ORP meter in...  and I can tell you no matter what machine you have, the longer the water is out of the machine, the less the ORP will be. This like putting  food out on the counter  - over time , it will break down and you will lose some of the antioxidant properties. But ours will stay significantly up there.

My water coming out from  my well at home and when come out it was  minus 670.  Minus 100 is what green tea is - just to give you some perspective,.  

This is minus 670. A day later, it is like minus 520. The competitors came out of it minus 120 and the next day is positive 240, positive 25o, positive 260. I just kept doing it and I’m like “whoah” , no wonder I did not notice anything from this water. So I did it for two or three months. Now, I have to admit, I have been burned so badly by some of these other companies and  I really didn’t tell anybody about this at first  except just myself.

But I took two to three gallons to work and if somebody would come in  and was really in some trouble like asthmatic and so I give them a little water and I just kinda watch.  And I had  one lady who came in and she had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and when she came, literally, she was holding onto her abdomen like this (showing) pressing because it’s hurt so bad and her face was white as your shirt. And literally she sat down and started to cry and I thought she might be in accident or something and I said “are u okay?”, and she said, “well, I got this IBS and its just killing me.  And I’m home from college and I can’t get comfortable”

She couldn’t even fill up my intake form. So I sat down and started filling up the intake form and give her a glass of this water. And by the time she drank  the water and I had filled up the intake form, I’m not that slow at that - that was about 3 minutes, she’s not holding her stomach anymore and I asked her if she feels a little bit better and she said “this is the first I haven’t hurt in months! I’m not even hurting!” ...in 3 or 4 minutes, I mean. I would never have bet on that, again  was just starting to use the unit and experimenting  - and she got my attention. And like wow, that was pretty amazing.

So then I started putting everybody on the water to see what will happen -just like the other machines. I had never had anybody come back for more water from the other machines. Everybody is coming back and wanting water from this one. So I come to realize that there are couple of things in America that we can do. We can put a lot of things we wanted to do or say in the internet and nobody’s out there policing it. And the company’s who’s selling these competitors units are out there selling  them because we are  out here  having meetings and educating people. They simply sitting there in the internet trying to get people to buy  them because they are cheaper.


Now, I don’t want you to take it as racist. But I want you to understand where it coming from. Our machine is made by Japanese company and was approved by equivalent of the FDA. It’s in their hospital. The Japanese people are very integrous people. I can tell you that when I was in Japan and I was talking to you about this machine. And Joan came and you said it make you feel better, he will always buy it for me. That’s how they are. Even I started to touched in many ways. Because it is a Japanese heart. They are high integrity and very loyal. But they have some neighbors and counterpart countries, particularly one called Korea, that’s not quite the same. And they in fact, well I want you to know, I guess, the Koreans will try to tell you the same thing “they don’t buy Korea”. Koreans are the great copycats, they are imitators. But they are not the great inventors or originators. And I don’t want meant being as a racist and I apologise by hurting their feelings but I, that’s my experience in business and travel.

And one of the things that interesting to me is recently I was staying, honestly in a hotel. And I just on the tv so that I can get some news and weather. And there was a commercial on and they had a car manufacture, a Korean car manufacture and they had a Lexus. And the Korean is trying to tell you that they car is equivalent to this Lexus, was better for your money. Or perhaps the money is something like that. And I remember thinking to myself, it just like everywhere. Doesn’t matter where you at but  they will try to sell you something not the same, but it tells you that it holds up to the gold standard. The gold standard is the Lexus and I guarantee you if you are driving the car for ten years, you’ll be glad you bought the Lexus.

You gonna use this water to help you change your health. To help you change your life. And I promise you, you won’t waste your money if you buy Enagic. Because it will produce, day in a day out much better higher quality water and it will do its job day in a day out. And it keeps doing it. I been making 10  to sixty gallons a day of mine for over a year and it still giving out exactly the same water when I used it for the first day.

I am excited because it gets a lot of work and I been standing here telling about technical things. I’m just gonna say a couple of things they don’t bother to tell you and one of those is they have to put chloro-calcium into the filter to keep their pH up. And the pH is variance stable like I said, later it gonna be back from 7. So it is very artificial thing, it does not create changes and I promise you, if you have a hundred distributors in a room, using that machine, you won’t have two people talking about this Enagic to these wonderful people what we have done today. Because Enagic getting these enough example, we just don’t have enough experience. I have that, I mean I tried that to hundreds of people.


So the difference really is we are trying to compare the gold standard to an entirely different; and we are like comparing apple to a grapefruit and I , so, don’t get caught up in that just trying to save few dollars and we have money and keep it. Save your money and buy the right machine, but don’t throw it away. Coz if

you’re doing on what I did, and if you come over to me right now, and go down in my basement, I haven’t encountered, but I guess there will be seven or eight of you who are using ionizer energy saving machine and works. So don’t throw your money and I know it is hard to take somebody’s word for it. But you have to do it diligently, you want to buy wisely and get a good bargain. But I don’t believe that is there anything in the market that even produce just as anything close to this and certainly will get the result. And their machine as what I know, did not make a strong acid or strong alkaline water. But why we come to the conclusion that was important as a drinking water. I can wash my foods, I can wash my clothes, I can get rid off the bacteria, I can clean the floors. I mean, we had a lady, just last night telling and she clean the floor with a strong alkaline water and it got a 40years old cleaner that she doesn’t even can’t clean those she can even refinish it. She’s so excited, her husband came down, she thought she puts down the . So she save 4thousand bucks on hard wood floors.


So just one more thing that you wouldn’t think about. We have a guy who rents the apartment and when he leaves the house, who completely put new tile in the bathroom because it was so ugly and grudgy. And he said he remembers what I said and made a call , so we give him a spray bottle and he started spraying the water, that strong alkaline water on the tiles. Fifteen minutes later, he comes back and start spraying again and after that wipes the tiles and it cleans, it started removing dirt including the grout. It goes away. That’s the kind of thing we are seeing and that’s the way this stuff works and we can stand up here all day, and I can tell you stories and stories about patients and from people I’ve heard of  but the competition is misleading you and all I can say is going back to the example on the Lexus, I guarantee you, you can never heard Lexus comparing theirs to a Korean model.  (People laughing).



That’s true. What about the plates? There is something different from our plates to competition, I read something about that.

Dr. Carpenter:

Tremendous difference, depending on the machine, you will get 3 to 7 plates and you may seen the top of machine consumer use is SD71 , a 7 large plate, and it is 3 to 7 times larger than the competitors. And these are made of expensive metal that will last a long time- Titanium and Platinum.

These metals, by the way the industry, no one has 7 plates in a machine. I just can’t figure out how they do it. We have several in capital consumer and that means the water pass through the system, there are more plates exposing more electrons and protons on the water which alleviates the antioxidant properties.

Remember me saying oxygenation equals aging, well, the more antioxidants, the lesser aging. I think about it, what’s work with you. What you are spending now trying to stay young? You see what I’m saying, this is the real McCoy, this really works. But don’t keep it on yourself, thinking that you never get the full benefit. Give the benefits. And the plates are much much bigger than any of the competitors that I am taking apart. I’m not saying that I look at them all. Because I don’t know how much I have, but I think I have the most of them. And I taken the demo part. In fact, most of the can make alkaline water after two or three weeks.

When you take them apart, the plates are so corroded and  they can’t produce or pull electrons anymore. They don’t clean. Now couple of the competitors unit do some clean, well atleast they say they do. But I have to buy another one, but I know Enagic did. and I know Enagic engineers from six to eight meetings, and so they taught us and showed a bunch of pictures and you know after few hours they touched the machine, they are so unstable. They said personally won’t even drink it. I don’t know exactly what clues it holding, but I do know, these  are very pretty smart guys and I do know, when they show how corroded the plate is, it can’t be possible they are designing or doing the same things as they show. It takes me 4 hours to my Jupiter machine to clean the parts, I have to do this once a month as it might stuck. I think it might be petrified water . And so when I cleaned the plates and starting putting it back again; it did make an alkaline water but it did not make a clean water. And the ORP, I did not have the time to test it back then, and I have pattern, and it doesn’t work all the time. And it wasn’t clean water.

So those are just few things I share with you. And I don’t know if I really can answer your questions.