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1. SD 501 Platinum - 5 Languages

#SD501 Platinum

Used and loved throughout 82 countries, the LeveLuk SD501 Platinum now comes in ONE machine capable of speaking all notifications in FIVE languages!

  1. English
  2. German
  3. French
  4. Italian
  5. Spanish

By simply, and conveniently selecting the language of your choice, the new Platinum will change to that language!

Fully-equipped with a built-in electrolysis chamber, and featuring a large LCD panel and clear voice prompts, the SD501 PLATINUM is the leader of the pack. 7-Platinum-plated Titanium plates comprise the electrolysis chamber.

Capable of producing 5 types of water:

  • Kangen Water
  • Clean Water
  • Acidic (beauty) water
  • Strong Kangen water
  • Strong Acidic water

2. LeveLuk SD501 - the Enagic flagship machine and product; the industry continuous ionized electrolysis generating machine.

sd 501


3. SUNUS - Enagic starter model, compact and great for travelling



4. LeveLuk JRII - reduces energy consumption with the help of three solid electrode plates




5. LeveLuk SD501U - compact and less space to occupy; just right for your kitchen sink.




5. LeveLuk Super 501 - for heavy use and no machine can compare to this.




6. ANESPA - recommend in your spa for more mineral ionized water





1. Enagic Dual Pre- Filter System - replaces three old stage of pre-filtration. Able to customize base on your filtration needs


2. Replacement Filters (assorted) - comes in different categories and colour coding according to pre-filtration system being used

..        .

KDF Replacement Filter            KDF replacement cartridge        DPS replacement (purple)



DPS replacement (Green)        DPS replacement (Gray)    Ion Exhange Replacement Filter

..        .

DPS replacement (Blue)        DPS replacement (Black)        DPS replacement (Orange)

.Replacement for Pre- filter 5pcs (not for KDF)       

.In-Line pre-filtration system (not for KDF)   

.Ceramic Filter Replacement


. Replacement Filter -  High Grade (for LeveLuk)

. Electrolysis Enhancer Fluid (400ml x 6bottles) for Optical use

.  E- Cleaner Kit – reusable cleaning tools

. 2L Water Bottle (Black) – specially design to hold strong Kangen water


.  UKON (turmeric) Supplement- wholly organic supplement with 100% Kangen water (derived from UKON- Japanese turmeric)


.DVD/CDS - comes in different aspect of life e.g. cooking, instruction, meeting, compensation plans

.Operating Manual - Guidebook for basic operational and functional aspect of filtration machines