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To properly understand the principle and future of Kangen water, leaders and distributors must critically understand the historical impact of Mr. Ohshiro journey. Once on the shore of Okinawa, they are invited in cultural events, visit the home of the founder and tour the surrounding.

As the Mr. Ohshiro says, "To know my own island is to know why we perform the mission we perform. The essential aspect of Enagic is one of providing for others. Whether we provide good Kangen Water for their health, a tremendous business opportunity to alleviate their worries amidst this troubled economy, or even the peace of mind that comes with truly actualizing their true health, we are carrying out our mission."

Enagic is strictly complying on the safety of environment, as Mr. Ohshiro believes that one cannot achieve the true meaning of health when the environment is unsafe. The management must be aware in preserving the environment for their advantage and for the future generation. Therefore, the founder had set guidelines to be strictly followed by any leaders, management and distributors:

1. Secure materials with a low environmental load in working sites,
2.  Reduce, reuse and recycle waste,
3. Conserve natural resources and achieve energy-saving efficiency in order to prevent global warming,
4. Each employee and the management: to observe the international laws, regulations and standards with regard to the environment and safety.
5. Trainings to employees in raising awareness of environmental and safety issues, whereby environmental and work-related accidents can be prevented.
6. To seek continuous improvement, setting environmental goals and objectives, upon which regular reports are delivered.