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History of Company

Okinawa, Japan is the birthplace of Kangen water. Its founder, Mr. Hironari Ohshiro was first inspired to spread the good news of ionizing water filtration. At that time, the ionized water was used in fields to improve the quality of crops.

He first ventured in his homeland at Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. With the help of Sony Company’s specialty trading, in June 1974, the first operations began. Within few years, Japan had embraced the product in any areas such as restaurants, clinics, households and even hospitals.

As the company continued to progress and the benefits had been accepted by Japan, the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan had authorize Enagic Osaka factory to be a medical equipment manufacturer on May 1987.

On 1988, the company became Kangen water specialist with a philosophy of “True Health”. Enagic continues to step into corporate ladder and on January 2000 they began to sell the core product “LeveLuk DX”, a water filtration machine. On October 2001, Enagic and Toyo Aitex merged; the latter specializing in electrolysis water generating technology.

As Mr. Ohshiro pioneering vision to spread good health, he introduced Kangen water in USA, beginning in Los Angeles, California, New York, Chicago, Honolulu and Dallas in year 2003. As Canada, Taiwan and Hongkong showed great interest and demand for Kangen water, they opened up site branches.  They opened up a site office in Dusseldorf, Germany for European Union and Monterrey office for Mexico as great demand is becoming globally. In 2010, they expand in Sydney in Australia, Makati City in Philippines and in Rome, Italy respectively. And this March 2011, they opened in Seattle, Washington.


Hironari Oshiro,
President & CEO Enagic USA

Hironari Oshiro and wife performing for the distributors and staff at the Carlton Hotel in Singapore during the Grand Opening of the Enagic Office n 15th May 2012