Doctor's Opinion on Kangen Water 1

Dr Dave Carpenter's testimonial on his use of Kangen water in his Practice

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Dr Carpenter began his water journey in the mid nineties while on an observational trip in Japan to study how the doctors there were integrating Eastern medicine with Western medicine. It was on this vacation that he first became aware of the miracle of Kangen water. The Japanese hospitals were realizing incredible results while utilizing ionized, alkaline water in their treatments. This experience transformed his understanding of the fundamental importance of water in relation to its use for the maintenance and recovery of health.

Upon returning to the USA, Dr Carpenter purchased his first ionizer and started recommending alkaline water to his many patients. After the amazing experience at the Japanese hospital, he was disappointed with the results his patients achieved.

After buying eight ( 8 ) machines – all of which are now collecting dust in his basement – Dr Carpenter was introduced to Enagic’s SD501 (below) ionizer from Japan in 2006. The consistent, positive results now being achieved by his patients have transformed his practice.

SD 501 machine


Dr. Dave Carpenter shares with us his experiences using alkaline water with his patients and why he feels the Kangen water machine is far superior than the Jupiter machine that he had used previously for 2 years before he was introduced to Kangen.

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