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Enagic Kangen Machines: Comparisons with Other Brands

Including compelling video of Dr Carpenter's experiences comparing to other brands.

13+ Reasons The SD 501 is Better than Others



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SD 501


Results have no price. Like me, you’ve probably seen too many people who want a cheap fix. Those people will always lose, always be disgruntled and always complain. Those people are not Enagic prospects.

Are you one who’ll search both coasts and everywhere in between for the best surgeon to operate on you or your family and pay whatever it costs? Then you belong in the Enagic family.

Recently I’d been told of a customer who said, “I can buy [Brand B] for half the price of yours [SD501] and it does the same thing.” Or, I’d heard reps of other companies say, “My machine is the same and it is half the price.” Statements like these are unadulterated poppy-cock /nonsense and here is a baker’s dozen reasons why. Enagic is…

  1. Medical grade deemed by Japanese government
  2. Endorsed by Japan’s most famous doctor and is one of the world’s foremost gastroenterologists. He prescribes Kangen Water™ and states his preference in his best selling book, The Enzyme Factor.This book is a ‘must have’ tool for every Enagic owner and every Enagic distributor.
  3. Awarded the Linus Pauling award for ecology
  4. Qualified for ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications in quality and environment (these certifications are very difficult to come by and manufacturing companies have to meet stringent criteria for the International Standard of Organization.
  5. Endorsed by 6500 member non-profit doctor’s group in Japan. The Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease only endorses one product in a given industry thus the Enagic ionizer is the only ionizer they recommend.
  6. Licensed as Manufacturer of a medical device by Osaka Prefecture, License Number: 27BZ006010. Enagic manufacturers all their own parts and hand assembles and tests each machine individually before it leaves the factory in Okinawa. No other ionizer in Japan, Korea or U.S. meets or comes close to this standard.
  7. Dispenses water at an unlimited rate. There is no rest or wait time required between specified amounts. Absolutely no wait time. No limit on the amount of water you can take from the machine in a 24 hr period. The device is a work horse.
  8. Quality construction that lasts for 15 years and beyond with proper care.
  9. All hand assembled. Enagic is an ISO manufacturing factory that doesn’t buy pre-made parts from suppliers.
  10. All parts manufactured by Enagic at solely owned factory in Okinawa. They buy no parts from suppliers.
  11. Excellent service should the equipment, in rare circumstances, require attention.
  12. Plates are designed to an easy access standard and are made to be looked at and serviced one at a time if necessary. Whereas other brands solder all the plates into a case that does not allow for individual repair or service thereby making it a costly repair.
  13. A warranty for 5 years that can be counted on. No gimmicks.
  14. 7 Solid Titanium Plates - coated in platinum
  15. 230 watts of electrical power driving the ionization process- verses most competitor models which have 100 watts or less.
  16. The Only Machine that makes 2.7 or below Strong Acid water for disinfecting.
  17. Designed with a cleaning cartridge to prevent scaling.

Now here’s something you’ll want to remember!

There is a great variation in the quality of water ionizer so you it's best to get educated on the best unit for your health.  Sometimes a cheap machine is

just that... A CHEAP machine.But that’s not what health should be about. When in doubt, remember the surgeon!

Kangen Testimonial from Dr Dave CARPENTER :

Dr Carpenter began his “ water “ journey in the mid nineties while on an observational trip in Japan to study how the doctors there were integrating Eastern medicine with Western medicine. It was on this vacation that he first became aware of the miracle of Kangen water. The Japanese hospitals were realizing incredible results while utilizing ionized, alkaline water in their treatments. This experience transformed his understanding of the fundamental importance of water in relation to its use for the maintenance and recovery of health.

Upon returning to the USA, Dr Carpenter purchased his first ionizer and started recommending alkaline water to his many patients. After the amazing experience at the Japanese hospital, he was disappointed with the results his patients achieved.

After buying eight ( 8 ) machines – all of which are now collecting dust in his basement – Dr Carpenter was introduced to Enagic’s SD501 ionizer from Japan in 2006. The consistent, positive results now being achieved by his patients have transformed his practice.

Dr. Dave Carpenter shares with us his experiences using alkaline water with his patients and why he feels the Kangen water machine is far superior than the Jupiter machine that he had used previously for 2 years before he was introduced to Kangen.

Click below to watch the video : (Transcript here)


Certificate of Medical Device Marketing Authorization by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan.


Proof of Endorsement Recognition by Geriatric Disease Prevention Association.


Manufacturing license of Medical Device by Osaka Prefecture.
License Number: 27BZ006010